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A Lumera Lavorazione FoggiaturaIn 1980, a young graduate from the Art Institute of pottery in Santo Stefano di Camastra, finds in his sister Sara, an “inspirational Muse” and “a guiding light” and together make a bet on their future. And so it was born in Cefalù, the pearl of the Tyrrhenian sea, along the old Roma street, the “A Lumera”, a workshop primarily used for the creation of pottery objects and decorative earthenware, and today also for the working of lava stone. The workshop is a forge, where the Master of Art Lillo, puts together all that he has learnt in 5 years training at school, but also and above all uses what his imagination and his skill allows him to elaborate and mould together on the wheel, using only the two elements of water and clay. As a result, objects of every shape and size start to take shape and become alive, such as bottles, jugs, jars and pitchers. In every case, they are true masterpieces that once dried and fired, go on to the glazing and painting stages.

The workshop is found in the middle of the historical centre, a town of immense charm, historical interest and culture, and over the past years has expanded and given way to another two shop, even more central and even closer to the cathedral square, which is topped by what is known as masterpiece of Norman Arab art: Cefalù’s Cathedral. In the meanwhile, Lillo’s and Sara’s objects have become art creations in the middle of a fishing town, with a high tourist interest.

A Lumera Lavorazione Decorazione At the “A Lumera” over the past years, other than the traditional workmanship of the clay, more products have been added, such as lava stone, using techniques which have been handed down from the past. Which brings into mind a paraphrase of a well-known song- “With one foot in the past, but with one straight and attentive eye to the future” at the “A lumera”, the light, the guiding light, continues to play an essential role and is a point of reference for those who wish to buy the decorative earthenware, pottery and lava stone work all of which are of great class and taste, from a “boy” now a mature middle aged man, who still never tires from what he produces sitting at the wheel, just like that very day over thirty years ago.

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The “A lumera” is situated along the main street of the Corso Ruggero, 167 and 180 in the old part of Cefalù, a town that has no need for any introduction at all, for it is known all over the world, lying above fine sandy golden beaches and lapped by a crystal clear blue sea, as well as being rich in art, history and culture. It is Well-known for it’s Cathredral built by King Roger 2, to honor his vow, which houses inside the famous and fascinating volt of “CHRISTO PANTOCRATORE”, the faces of the creator completely made out of mosaics.

Corso Ruggero, 167 and 180
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